Am I Crazy or Just Plain Stupid?

I do not know why

I continue to hold on

Even though it is clear

You continue to do me wrong

One day you will realize

We could have been together

I took you back after the first time

But taking you back did not make things better

You lied

You cheated

You used me so well

You fucking bastard

I hope you burn in hell

I thought you were different

But you were the same like the others

It will eventually catch up with you

But do not look to me when you are in trouble

I was blinded by the manipulating words you say

And worst of all the fake love you tried to portray

Why am I crying

Why am I crazy about you

Or am I just plain stupid

For thinking this love was actually true

My emotions run very deep

I continue to wonder why

Maybe I am dreaming

And sooner or later

This "love" and hurt will pass me by

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