In New York

My name is Lala and I have been dating my fine ass fiance' Toni for two years now. Toni is such a loving, sweet, patient, and handsome man. He does any and everything for me. Hmmm just thinking of him now is making me so moist. I always thank my baby for doing the little things he does for me. Whether it is surprising me with a gift, buying me a new pair of shoes, or taking my trash out; I show him the ultimate gratitude. Toni is a protector; he is provider. He allows me to have my independence, but always plays the role of being the man in our relationship. He does not force me to do anything I do not want to do. He accepts me for exactly who I am. I can be a little difficult but we love each other through it all. Toni is 6'0, caramel skin tone, low haircut, and has the most precious hazel brow eyes. His body is of a God and he is my everything.

Today is our two-year anniversary and of course he wants to surprise me. I honestly did not want to do anything but his surprises are always mysterious like his personality. It is the biggest turn on for me because he can be very unpredictable. Around 4 p.m. he picks me up from his family's house and takes me to a fancy restaurant in Manhattan. We eat, laugh, dance, and kiss; just as we always do. We leave the restaurant and head over to one of the properties his father recently purchase. His family is not originally from America, so they were slowly making their footprints.

The condo his father bought took my breath away. It is so expensive to live in New York as it is, so I knew this place cost a pretty penny. It is 1,021 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a modern but stylish layout. The penthouse luxury condo featured high-end finishes, black stainless steel appliances, Duravit and Grohe fixtures, and vented en-suite laundry. "Babe, this is so nice," I say as I stare out of the window into the evening sky. The moon was full that night and the city was lit up as usual. He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist as we sway back and forth to soft, slow, sensual music.

"Babe, go ahead and shower up," he says to me as he hands me a white robe to put on when I am done. It would be our first night making love and I begin to get nervous. We been together for two years but never had sex. I knew tonight, would be the night. I took a nice, hot shower; putting on natural and essential oils after I got out. I search for him in the bedroom that was closest to the bathroom. He was not there. I walk to one of the guest rooms that his father seem to be turning into a den. There he is sitting on the couch looking very sexy in his boxers. I walk over to the couch and join him. He smiles as I smile back. The energy between us is organic and magical at the same time.

He kisses me so wet and passionately. I melt. We tongue each other down for about 5 minutes. He sucks on my neck and chest making me moan softly as I tilt my head back. I close my eyes and begin to breath deeply.

"I am all yours," I whisper softly.

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