Letter to My Younger Self

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Let me start off saying you have to love yourself unconditionally because SELF-LOVE is the most important thing you can have in this cruel world. I know you are not going to believe anything I am saying to you because you feel you have it all figured out at the age of 16. You are a smart girl but even smart girls make DUMB decisions sometimes.

You are strong and well-made but you have to work on the anger that you have built up inside. You do not want to be an easily angered person with a bad temper because it will cause you to make unwanted decisions that you may not be able to fix later. Please try to work on BEING PATIENT and channeling your anger towards the hobbies you enjoy. I utterly BELIEVE IN you darling.

In this life, people are going to hurt you and disappoint you. Friends will betray you. Men will hurt your feelings or break your heart. One thing you need to remember is "to know your worth and realize what you deserve." You may not be perfect but YOU ARE WORTH IT. People will misunderstand you a lot but there is no need to keep explaining yourself to others. Keep people around you that love you for who you are. You DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE FOR ANYONE.

You may find yourself trying to figure out what you should do next and what is the best move you should make. Whatever decisions you make in life just remember to try NOT TO HAVE ANY REGRETS AT ALL. It is never too late to do what you truly love. YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER!

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