Why I Joined the Military?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The story of why I joined the military is unique. Everyone has their reasons for why they joined. The reason can range from patriotism, wanting to defend their country, the benefits, or to travel. For me, I wanted to join because I felt the need to get away from my hometown of Pine Bluff, Arkansas and I did not want to go to college immediately after high school. My senior year I gain an interest of joining after speaking to a recruiter and coming to the realization that I NEEDED A PLAN. Till this day, I do not have any regrets becoming apart of the Armed Forces. I have been serving for a total of 10 years now. I am a proud Navy Veteran!

To hear more about why I joined the military, please go to my Facebook Page @foxxyspeaks to watch a live video on in depth details of my experience.

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